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Comfy Demon OOTD!

YAY Im so glad Im finally getting a picture up of these horns I made for myself for halloween! Well I actually made them for a photoshoot(or photoshootssince I love them so much) that I have planned but I thought well I can make them before halloween and then wear them for halloween too! might as well. So I did :D  I LOVE how they turned out. they arent perfect but since when are demons perfect ;D? or ram/sheep horns ?? If youre interested in me making these and selling them on my shop please reblog this and say so n ,n because theres a a chance I will do it if people are interested :D but ill be making multiple different styles of horns so these arent the only style of horns ill be doing :) 

Now to the clothes im wearing XD Top to bottom!

Horns by me c: 

My circle lenses are from Uniqso, they are the Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey ^__^ you can use code “risafox10” to get 10% off on an order from uniqso ^__^

My sweater is burgundyand black and I just got it thrifting c: it was like 6.99 :D 

Shorts are from Forever 21 they were like $20 and I got them in june ‘13

I just recently got these tights off ebay but the listing is gone already. you can find similar by searching mock thigh high stockings or similar :) 

And then of course my beautiful Demonia Swing 815s ^ o^ Ive been wearing them soooo much lately. its too the point im not carrying around any other shoes except these XD 

Sorry for the grainy-ness of the pictures :c its been really cloudy lately in central NY and the room at my moms is really dark even with lights on. I should be getting a better floor lamp soon though so it wont be a problem much longer :D and for some reason I just noticed there are black lines on some of the photos…which is really weird because they werent there when I was fixing the lighting on them…but my computer lagged out really bad in the middle of trying to save them and it probably accidentally drew on them x_____x poop scoops. oh well the lines arent on me atleast :o 

Monday, 11 November 2013
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