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Risa is a Fox

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A child’s skull prior to loosing its baby teeth

children are terrifying little hellbeasts and I want you all to know this from a medical standpoint


well… I think this is the first time ive written anything today. but mm still feeling rather sick atm. mostly because Im coughing allot and it feels like I have stuff in my lungs that I cant get out. and then I was nauseated all day because of some shit that happened this morning. which to tell you what happened please click the read more because it gets kindof… gross? not to me but im aware that others think that this sort of stuff is gross…so read at your own risk I suppose?

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Behooold, my viking bling!  The large and incredibly epic bronze necklace is the newest addition to my shiny, wearable treasures! 

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Feeling like a true fairy princess today hehe ^.^

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