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Witchcraft Lake, Vancouver Island

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Hair styling in London, C.1960’s

If You Had Superpowers- Marvel Ladies Questionnaire

1. Storm: What would the coolest powers be?
2. Shadowcat: What would the weirdest side effect of your powers be?
3. Magik: What would you be willing to do to become more powerful?
4. Blink: How controllable would your abilities be?
5. Emma Frost: Hero or Villain?
6. Scarlet Witch: What would make you change sides?
7. Meggan: What sort of identity would your powers force you to accept?
8. Mystique: How would you relate to the rest of the world?
9. Destiny: What would you prefer your legacy be after your death?
10. Jubilee: What would your lame retcon/revisioning be after a major event?
11. Psylocke: What would your greatest tragedy be?
12. Amanda Sefton: Who would take up your mantle once you were gone?
13. Margali Szardos: What would your secret weakness be?
This sounds like a great way to develop a character with superpowers. (Also, I would answer them if someone asked! : D )